Laskey, Peter John, B.A., AACI, P.App
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Services




The appraisal of Real Estate involves an inspection of the Subject Property and a conversation with the owner, manager to gain an understanding of the structure, the site and the current uses.  The appraiser requires factual information detailing current and historic income and expenses.  For the owner occupied properties, potential income information is gathered from the appraisers data base of information. The appraiser completes a search of information at the Land Registry Office detailing facts about the Subject Property and facts about Comparable Sales.  Through memberships and annual subscriptions to information services, the appraiser researches various data for Subject Property, current and historic information, and searches for relevant comparable sales and rent (lease) information.

Office Location

The office is located at 332 Devine Street, Sarnia Ontario   N7T 1V1

The office entrance is at the rear of the building (north side) and parking is off Margaret Street.

This majestic, wonderful building (see Photo above) was formerly St Johns Anglican Church.

This building provides well for my home and office location.   

Peter John Laskey

B.A., AACI, P.App


332 Devine Street,

Sarnia, Ontario  N7T 1V1

Office: 519-491-6002

Cell:    519-331-6002


Fax: call first; 519-491-6002

This site is designed to provide answers to some of your questions regarding services.  A person to person conversation is required to answer; How Much does it Costs? Every Property is different and there are various types of services available.  Call me at 519-491-6002, cell 519-331-6002.